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Welcome to Recovery4Teens!

This website is made for you, to help you recover. We have many tools designed to help you manage the problems you've been facing. Hover over any of the modules above to learn more.
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My Support

Getting support from people you are close to is one of the best ways to cope with your experience. We want to help you begin reaching out to friends and family, identify people in your life you can trust, and seek other kinds of help if you need it.
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My Body

Trauma can have intense effects on your body, causing many reactions and problems that you might not expect. Here you will learn how to care for your body to help you recover faster.
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My Thoughts

As humans, we are constantly thinking. The problem is, we are not always aware of those thoughts and how they affect our feelings and actions. In this section you will learn how your thoughts about what happened might be impacting your mood, relationships, and your confidence to get through this.
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My Life

Picking up the pieces after a trauma can be tough, especially when you have to juggle so many things. This section has useful information and activities that will help you to manage your stress, your time, and your life. That way you will feel more on top of things that matter to you.
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My Memories

A huge part of dealing with a trauma is coming to terms with the memories you are left with. Whether you have been suffering from nightmares, troubling images, or flashbacks, we want to help you gain a sense of control and skills to handle your difficult memories until they pass.
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My Emotions

In this section, find out how trauma can affect your mood and emotions. Get helpful tips for dealing with sadness, anger, fear, and even safety issues.