Information for Parents

Welcome Parents!

The Recovery4Teens website is designed to help your teenager work through the traumatic event they have experienced. This site is grounded in Social Cognitive Theory, which suggests empirically supported methods for helping individuals cope and recover from trauma. Research shows that a person’s level of confidence in his/her ability to cope influences the amount of distress that person will experience after a trauma. This website aims educate your teen on trauma and recovery using the most up to date material on the topic of traumatic stress. We provide information, tools, and skill-building exercises that are designed to foster healing and personal growth. This growth can be achieved as they tap into positive coping strategies that will increase your teen’s sense of control over their own recovery. This website is not intended to replace conventional counseling, especially if the situation warrants such treatment, but rather Recovery4Teens is a tool that can assist in the recovery process. The site was specifically designed to integrate cutting-edge trauma intervention strategies with developmentally appropriate material and interactive features that will engage and empower your teen throughout the recovery process.