Meet the Site Producers

The Recovery4Teens Team:

The Recovery4Teens Team at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.

From the Left: Sandra Taylor, Erica Kirkbride, Dr. Charles Benight, Morgan Clinton, Dr. Cindy Buchanan, Whitney Piro

The development of this innovative intervention tool was a team collaboration focused on creating a user-friendly, interactive, and empowering service to help teens throughout the trauma recovery process.  Our team is based out of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) department of psychology, and is affiliated with the UCCS Trauma Health and Hazards Center (THHC). 

Team leader Dr. Charles Benight, is an expert in trauma adaptation and visionary for empowerment-centered trauma interventions Dr. Cindy Buchanan is a pediatric health psychologist who completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Kansas.  Dr. Buchanan was instrumental in understanding the developmental complexities that teenagers undergo when dealing with trauma. Ms. Whitney Piro, M.A. was instrumental in developing content, organization, design, and website management.  Mrs. Erica Kirkbride, M.S. was the computer science project leader for all technical aspects of Recovery4Teens.   Morgan Clinton and Sandra Taylor assisted in content development, research, and audio recording for the site.  Both are working toward Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and are involved in the honors undergraduate program at UCCS. 

Charles C. "Chip" Benight, PhD:

As the founder of BlueSun, Inc. and the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Benight sets the scientific direction for the company. Dr. Benight joined University of Colorado at Colorado Springs from University of Miami where he completed his postdoctoral training in behavioral medicine. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University with an emphasis in Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine in June 1992. He earned his Masters Degree in Counseling in 1986 and his Bachelors in Business Management from the Arizona State University in 1983. Dr. Benight founded and is the director of the Trauma, Health, and Hazards Center at UCCS.






Dr. Benight's primary area of research interest is in the human adaptation from trauma. Over the past 14 years, he has focused research on recovery from natural disasters, man-made disasters, motor vehicle accident trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and bereavement. He has been funded through the National Institute for Mental Health and the National Science Foundation. He is a reviewer for several primary journals in health and trauma psychology and served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Traumatic Stress. He has published extensively in the top peer reviewed journals in the field of traumatic stress.

Other Contributors:


Robyn McKay, PhD — Relaxation skills recordings

Daunte Davis, BA — Audio recording and scenario development

Nicole Torrence, BA — Audio Recording

Kirk Usui, BA — Audio Recording

Sydney May — Audio Recording

Bridged McGuire — Audio Recording

Seamus McGuire — Audio Recording

Alex Jackson — Audio Recording